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Got a Hammond organ or Leslie speaker that needs work or annual service? Retired organ tech taking orders for year. Time slots fill up soon so make your apointment today! I cover all of Colorado, doing organ service calls on all makes.

You can even bring it to me if you prefer. I have repaired countless numbers of organs and Leslie speakers that were declared un-repairable by other technicians. If you are tired of paying for the same repair over and over again or never really hearing a difference in your sound, give me a try.

You won't be disappointed! We cover all of Colorado, doing organ service calls on all makes. You can even bring it to us if you prefer. We have repaired countless numbers of organs and Lesl We have repaired countless numbers of organs and Le This organ works and plays. There is a slight problem with one of the foot pedals. It is in excellent condition! The Leslie is in like new condition and works fantastic. This is a cash sale, no checks.

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Many organists complain that their organ simply does not have the 'punch' or brightness it had when new, or of later models. The most common overall reason for this is that the Tonewheel Generator Filter Capacitors have failed causing the organ to lose its original factory-fresh consistency, brightness and quality tone.

After careful inspection and a thorough cleaning, we replace the original hand-matched Tonewheel Generator Filter Capacitors with a new critical-value set of very high stable and quality hand-matched components.

leslie speaker service

If necessary, the generator can be recalibrated to the original factory calibration curve, or to another specific curve. Cart: 0 Log in or Create an account Menu. Email order goffprof. Expedited Service available - for most U.

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We recommend installation of a new amplifier tube set at time of rebuilding to maximize amplifier performance. We rigorously test all rebuilt equipment prior to shipping. We can also supply replacement vacuum tubes and other high-quality components including solid-state replacement preamplifiers for most console organs.

Additional information on solid-state preamplifier replacements can be found elsewhere in our Online Catalog. A complete rebuild is performed including: Complete disassembly of the vibrato scanner to component parts Chemical cleaning to remove oil and other foreign material from the scanner body, insulators, and wiring Replacement of scanner insulators if needed Coating all scanner parts with clear insulating spray protectant Reassembly and test, including hand Meggaring all scanner insulated poles to ground.

The Line Box rebuilding process includes complete replacement of all original Capacitors and Resistors. The original critical-value components fail due to age, causing random variations in vibrato and chorus performance and an inconsistent sound.

A hand-matched set of critical-value components is installed and the Line Box then is checked to original factory specifications prior to return.

Leslie Speaker Parts

I also have an original Leslie oretc. A solid-state amplifier equipped Leslie will be loud, but it lacks the warmth and ability to distort slightly. This is dependent upon the correct selection and condition of the upper driver, bass woofer, crossover, etc. Share this item:. Pin It.The captain's model guide. About this guide This is a quick guide to Leslie speaker models suited for Hammond organs. This document is meant as a reference for when you are browsing the classifieds or eBay and is not meant to list every little detail about the speakers.

Some models are covered elsewhere on this website, often in detail and with pictures. About the background The background is Leslie finish 'Oak No 20'. About the roto-sonics Since most players and technicians, including myself, find the roto-sonic Leslie models less valuable, these are listed in a separate section. Some of these speaker models may be used as is, or they can be converted into more Hammond friendly models or simply serve as parts donors for other more valuable Leslie models.

Electro Music tended to use the same parts in as many applications as possible, so a good many parts from, say, a model may be used to restore a model If you happen to prefer the more theatre organ-like sound of the roto-sonic Leslie speaker, by all means - you are just lucky to like the more inexpensive alternative. They are updated in the technical design, but the basic functionality is the same as the vintage speakers. For a while model and were being produced as A and A.

A vintage speaker in immaculate condition may fetch a higher price than a new Leslie, especially for the tube models. If you are a church or a professional business, consider investing in a new Leslie from a local dealer that will support you. Old cabinets often don't come with a warranty or a service organisation, and Mr.

If you are looking for a dealer of new Leslie speakers, a few of them are listed in the links section of this website. About cable interfaces The different cable interfaces are discussed in detail in Uncle Harvey's Guide to Leslie pin-outs where I also got the different designations 6H, 6W and so on.

Much has been said and written about cable interfaces for Leslies over the years. Captain Foldback has this to share: Don't let thoughts on cable interfaces scare you out of buying a good Leslie - any Leslie can be hooked up to any organ. That being said, if you have an existing setup and would like to augment the sound with another Leslie, selecting a cabinet with the same cable interface as the one you have, will save some time and trouble.

Tube models, 2-speed The standard Leslies that everybody know and everybody want. Tube models, 2-speed, decorator-style cabinet The drawing room versions of the above models, with almost the same innards. Pro-line road-friendly cabinet unless otherwise stated. Tube models, 1-speed, permanent magnet bass These speakers were in production from about until Tube models, 1-speed, field-coil electro magnet bass All of these models were produced before Later: 6W 60 Same speaker as 31H with a different amplifier made to interface with Wurlitzer organs.

Early cabinets of this model had a 'wide body' amplifier with a non-standard hookup and permanently attached power cord.

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Came with two different amplifiers: A 20W and the more desirable 30W. The first design with output tubes.Checking the Power Supply Voltages. Checking the Regulator.

Preamp Tube Voltages.

leslie speaker service

Last minute Tips. Full Schematic. There is one place I like to check first that gives you a fast indicator as to whether the Amp is operating correctly. The center tap is connected to a resistor which is ohms.

This is the Cathode Resistor for the output tubes. If the power supply is working right and the output tubes are conducting correctly, then this voltage will be right. The first voltage comes off the rectifier which may be a tube circuit on very old models or more likely a bridge rectifier made out of four diodes. This voltage should be around VDC.

Hammond Leslie Parts and more

Picture above shows it at Vdc, make it Vdc. The second voltage is found after the choke transformer. It should be around VDC. The fouth voltage is after a 10K 1watt resistor and supplies the preamp 12AU7a through the plate load resistors. These voltages are general and depend highly on the line voltage and the circuit load. I routinely find them to be a little higher in the field. The OC3 tube is the regulator and is very important to the proper operation of the amp.

Also, it practically never fails. This voltage drop should be around VDC. The screen or pin 4 should be VDC lower.

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This voltage drop can vary somewhat and as long as it is close, you are OK. The ohm resistor on pin 2 of the OC3 regulator acts as a current limiter and is a common failure part. The 12AU7a tube requires a voltage to the plates. This is a dual tube and actually works as a converter from the single ended input to a balanced output to drive the output tubes. The plate voltages should be checked on pin 1 and 6.

Leslie 122 Overview

Both plates should be around VDC. Usually the plate load resistors give very little trouble. Different tubes will affect the voltages depending on their conduction. Also, there may be some differences from one plate to the next due to the conduction of the tubes. Sometimes the output tubes will work right at first but as they warm up they might begin to over conduct causing distortion and finally blow a fuse. This pin should be under 1VDC. This voltage is applied directly to the relay.The Leslie lent swirling, highly ethereal sounds to many a soulful Hammond organ line and pioneering guitar lick on legendary recordings, especially in the '60s and '70s.

How exactly did the Leslie create its signature warble? The speaker cabinet operates on the same physics as a police siren changing in pitch and volume as it whizzes past you.

This is the Doppler effect, or the phenomenon of sound changing in pitch as it grows nearer or farther away. The Leslie speaker accomplishes the Doppler effect with a stationary unit through clever engineering. Across multiple models throughout the years, the Leslie speaker relied on the same basic mechanics.

A treble speaker sits high in the unit, rotating on a fixed pivot point. A bass speaker is mounted lower in the unit, inside of a rotating drum with a narrow aperture for sound to escape. The rotation causes sound sources themselves to grow nearer to and farther from the listener, even while these sound sources are housed in a stationary cabinet.

In the late s, Donald Leslie brought an electric Hammond organ home. He wanted that massive, quivering sound he heard on pipe organs in churches and movie halls. Channeling his experience in mechanics and electrical engineering from his stint at the National Research Laboratories in Washington D. Byhe had a prototype of his rotating speaker system and approached the inventor of the Hammond organ, Laurens Hammond. He thought it lacked a desirable sound or obvious application.

Little did Laurens realize, organists would adopt the Leslie far and wide, no matter what brand organ they played. Likewise, the Leslie speaker would go on to become a constant companion to the Hammond organ on studio recordings and live performances. Leslie went ahead and started his own company, Electro—Music, to manufacture the speakers. He started selling them under a variety of brand names in and started marketing them under his own name in The speaker was selling so well that Leslie had no need to advertise.

Word of mouth had left him barely able to cope with the demand. Laurens Hammond grew disdainful of the device and its sound.Stagepas i - NEW! Pristine Hammond B3 Pkg-Sold! Beautiful Hammond A Organ-Sold! Pristine Hammond A Organ-Sold!

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We had a great time on our trip. All hotel accommodations were very nice and the check-in process was very easy. The pick-up and return of the rental car was very easy and the staff at Avis were very knowledgeable and helpful. Sofia was absolutely great to work with and she answered all of our questions promptly. We previously used Nordic Visitor for a trip to Iceland a few years ago, and will use Nordic again for a trip to see the Northern Lights.

Thank you for a fabulous, worry-free vacation. We had excellent experiences with all of the service providers. Sara and subsequently Petra provided excellent information and advice electronically for we Australian travellers. All responses to our questions and requests were immediate and well detailed. Iceland will be next on our destination list. The binder with each day's itinerary and pictures of each site was very helpful.

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leslie speaker service

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